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RODAM arkitektur was founded in In October 2017 by Rasmus Rodam and today includes 5 skilled employes. 

Before setting up his own architect office, Rasmus Rodam worked on several acknowledged international architect offices as Wiel Arets, BIG and NORD Architects.

RODAM Arkitektur explores a wide range of fields from appartment housing and youth housing, private villas, vacation hotels, a church and interior design for restaurants, and we work continually to implement sustainability as a basic design parameter in all scales. 

The aim at Rodam Arkitektur, is to find unique architectural solutions, based on a careful reading of the user’s needs, economy and the specific character of the location. The approach is based on a profound curiosity towards architecture and design and its possible impact on our lives in terms of physical environment and wellbeing. 

The Villa Workshopspace
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